Vuzix Application

Play a game of Need for Speed while playing a quiz game simultaneously.

A combination of two games in parallel tests your ability to multitask. To be able to controll the xBox game, we let you control the vuzix quiz game via voice controll.

Application stack
fig. 1 – Application stack

The whole application stack and neccessary tools setup is visualized in the next figure.

Example setup
fig. 2 – Example setup

After combining the score of both games we display the result on a Live Scoreboard. Live Scoreboard is a simple Refinery CMS application checking new results via Ajax calls and displaying them on a huge LCD screen for spectators. LS also works as an API in order to be able to check the current game status and feed the responses provided by the Vuzix Application.

Live Scoreboard application
fig. 3 – Live Scoreboard application

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