A Leading German company in the field of intelligent parking and auto-mobile payment – motionID technologies AG® - contracted us to create the iOS and Android mobile application for their product VIATAG®.

The main goals of the application are:

  • location-based station discovery and information
  • cash-less payment over smartphone
  • integrating RFID access system
  • transaction overview
  • controlling mechanism for parking spaces
  • usability duty-officers

Large amount of time was invested into professional UX/UI design. Our company has provided a beautiful and usable design which was implemented on both devices in the same way despite the different platforms.

Same screen on different devices
fig. 1 – Same screen on different devices

Both apps were created within the native platforms, i.e. iOS SDK using the CocoaTouch framework and Android SDK. The apps utilize the location APIs and Map frameworks of the respective platform. All the information is loaded dynamically through the VIATAG API. Utilizing the GeoCoding, each station can also be depicted as a polynomial with the exact coordinates on the map, providing ability to select the zone by tapping polynomial or the station pin icon.

Depicting parking place via GeoCoding
fig. 2 – Depicting parking place via GeoCoding

Big challenge was to implement the layouts for Android OS compatible with all possible device screens (except tablets). Even though tablets were not a part of the specification, the application can be also used there with no loss of UX.

The result is a state-of-the-art and easy-to-use application, which has been receiving a lot of positive feedback from users, as well as duty-officers who use it for controlling purposes.

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