Vestigen app

Vestigen is an ambitious company consisting of a great team that delivers cutting edge hi-tech portable diagnostic instruments.

Vestigen's core research concentrates on portable devices, which, in combination with a specific sensor type, enable their users to analyze various types of fluids.

One of their core products - nephrosense - enables patients with kidney problems, to track their blood records in time and eventually share them with their general practitioner if needed.

The device accepts a sensor with a drop of patient's blood. After a few seconds, the sensor emits information into the device, which in turn is connected with an iPhone via bluetooth.
After the information has been transmitted to your iPhone, you can check the results and see the details of the measurement. More importantly, you can compare your actual result with your past measurements to see your progress and monitor your long-term status.
Before you may use our application, you need to input your personal data and your standard creatinine levels, so we can adapt the result calculations according to your specific needs.

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