Our company was contracted to create the leading platform in South-East Asia for creating styles and outfits and sharing them on social networks.

The main goal of the web application was to motivate people to create outfits and styles from an extensive list of products and sharing these in their social space. After a long discussion about selecting the right technology, we have decided to use The Ruby On Rails framework for backend and The JavaScript/jQuery for dynamic frontend modules.

The biggest issue was to import such large amount of products from different e-shops into our system and to be able to track possible changes and updates. Our company has created an automated custom (though universal) import tool which can easily be adapted to any existing e-shop. The result is an infinite product feed, where everybody can find his styles.

Product feed
fig. 1 – Product feed

Like in social networks, user is managing his (style)profile by creating new outfits and liking products and liking outfits of others. Eventually, anybody can buy the whole outfit or just some product directly.

User profile
fig. 2 – User profile

One of the biggest challenges was the module for creating the outfits -internally called an outfit builder. Here, users are creating their styles by drag'n'dropping products on the canvas, adding some mood images and organizing, resizing and moving them into to desired outfit. Such outfit can be posted to their social feed directly.

Outfit builder
fig. 3 – Outfit builder

To encourage people to be social and get as much feedback about their outfits as possible, we decided to only go with Facebook login at the beginning. This way all the actions are directly posted to the Facebook open graph. However, everybody is free to decide if they share the activity or not.

Login with Facebook
fig. 4 – Login with Facebook

We are constantly developing the product and there are still lot of features to come, so stay tunned for new updates.

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