Sli.do - Google Glass App

Sli.do is one of the most promising startups in the CEE region. You would find Google, Telefonica, SAP, ORACLE and KPMG among their clients. We were happy to create one of the first commercial Glass applications in Europe and help sli.do gain huge traction.

Wearing the glass preview
fig. 1 – Wearing the glass preview

Sli.do is a very progressive startup and needed a tool to attract new markets and potential customers and we - on the other hand - love challenges. Bonetics, in cooperation with sli.do, developed the Glass Application in a week. The point was to make it for the Fresh14 conference. We are very happy we helped them win with their new innovative tool.

Content example for the sli.do moderator
fig. 2 – Content example for the sli.do moderator

Application allows the sli.do moderator to see the most exciting topics and questions in their sight's upper right corner without being distracted by external tools such as phones or tablets.

Workflow diagrams
fig. 3 – Workflow diagrams

To address sli.do's needs better, we introduced workflow screens, and hopefully, we'll be able to extend the application's features so that sli.do's Glass Application becomes the tool to go for any event organiser.

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