MyMeal.pl was a polish startup using the eatstar.de software. Because of our experience with the eatstar.de software, we were asked to also develop API and accompanying mobile application.

In 2011, we created a fully independent API based on the Zend Framework technology. The API was built on the existing database hence providing authentication and access to the data.

MyMeal.pl had a revolutionary idea of providing a device to the delivery services for receiving new orders and to be able to response in real-time. This way, the customer could see instantly the status of his order instead of waiting for a long time without any response.

How the application works
fig. 1 – How the application works

We have decided to develop an Android-based application, however, not supposed to be published through the Android market. The requirement was to provide a single-purpose device. We took an Android OS image and changed it in a way to provide only one application, i.e. the MyMeal.pl application (not even phone function). This image was than flashed on Samsung Galaxy Mini devices, which were distributed to delivery services.

After logging in to the application, the device was ringing upon receiving a new order, forcing the delivery service to response.

From left: list of orders, new order, order in delivery
fig. 2 – From left: list of orders, new order, order in delivery

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