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We were contracted to create a whole new frontend for a web-based E-Health application used by health insurance companies.

The company, which core business of is the effectivity in health provision and health insurance, has developed the backend and the database structures and our task was to connect it with the user interface. Challenging task was the integration of all software components together and working parallel to the backend development, as this was still on-going.

Analyses and drill-down charts
fig. 1 – Analyses and drill-down charts

Because working in the E-Health environment, the security was of a great concern. The company provided us with the REST-full API to access the procedures and data, and the whole frontend processing was up to us. We implemented two-factor SSL communication with client-certificate verification combined together with username/password authentication, thus restricting the access to the website only for the certified users.

Login window, once both certificates are checked and in place
fig. 2 – Login window, once both certificates are checked and in place

Having the XSD schema for all the model object, we decided to implement the frontend in JAVA EE environment using Spring Framework for accessing the Web Services and Vaadin Framework for the user interface. With this infrastructure we were able to quickly react to any model layer changes by simply regenerating the model from the new XSD schema.

Simplified back-end/front-end schema
fig. 3 – Simplified back-end/front-end schema

Although implementing our beautiful screen designs with the Vaadin Framework was proven to be harder then expected, we created our own custom GWT (Google Web Toolkit) components and separated the frontend work from the backend work. With this environment, the frontend designer/developer was able to work independently from the JAVA developer to a great extent.

Overview of chronic illnesses of patient
fig. 4 – Overview of chronic illnesses of patient

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